BASEBALL IS BACK! Are you up to date on your baseball lingo?

Think you know all the funny slang words of baseball? We bet you find some new ones to use out at the ballpark in this jocular (get it, jock-ular - not funny? - moving on) list.

Many of these phrases originated on radio/tv broadcasts. Ever since the first baseball game was broadcast on August 5, 1921 (Pittsburgh Pirates versus the Philadelphia Phillies for those who care to know that trivia), announcers and reporters have had to create catchy (haha), funny and just plain different ways to call plays. They aren’t the only ones to come up with these terms, we have major and minor leaguers to thank as well.

Here’s the Top 50 “Catch” Phrases! Enjoy:

Airliner – A home run hit really high in the air. – “Holy airliner! They serving drinks on that flight?”

Balls, Party Of 4 – When the opposing pitcher walks your player, yell out, “Balls, party of four, your table is ready.”

Base Clogger – Is a player whose lack of speed keeps him from advancing more than a base at a time and/or keeps faster players running behind him from advancing.

Batting BINGO Numbers – A hitter is batting below .100. Example: .080 is pronounced Oh-eighty, like a bingo number.

Bayou or Louisiana – When an infielder whiffs on a ground ball or a hitter lets a fastball by him, meaning the ball went ‘by you.’

Bermuda – When three fielders converge toward a fly ball and make a triangle shape and let the ball drop between them.

Brick Wall – A catcher that lets nothing by him.

Can Of Corn – An easy play.

Cheese Factory – Refers to a pitcher with a wide array of pitches. He can throw ched (cheddar) and also throw some stuff with a little stank to it (something off speed that leaves you with a “What’s that smell?” look on your face).

Chew Thirty – A reference to when it is time to put a dip in.

Coffee Can – When a player wears a bigger cup than needed making it look like a coffee can is in their pants.

Courtesy Jog – The slow sad jog from an outfielder who knows the ball he is chasing is going over the fence.

Daddy Hack – A big swing.

Deer In The Headlights – When an outfielder is blinded by the sun.

Elevator Shaft – A ball hit high in the air, straight above home plate to be caught by the catcher.

Fireman – A team’s closer or late-inning pitcher. He comes in to put out the fire.

Fishing – When a pitcher throws a ball out of the strike zone in hopes of the hitter chasing after it.

Four-Fingered Salute – An intentional walk.

Free Baseball – Extra Innings.

Go-Homer – A walk-off homerun.

Ham And Eggs – Another name for a double play.

Handcuff – A pitch thrown high and inside not allowing the batter to extend his hands.

Harvest The Crops – To hit the runners that were in scoring position home.

Hot Coffee – When an infielder bobbles a hard hit grounder around like it’s a hot coffee.

Janitor – A relief pitcher who comes in the game and shuts down an inning after the starter left it a mess with runners on base.

Landscaper – A player that has a hose (strong arm) and can rake (hit well).

Late Night Help – During a blowout game at night, the umpire will make bad calls or expand the strike zone to help speed up the game.

LOFT – Description of a player/play that isn’t good or someone who thinks they have more talent than they really do. Stands for ‘Lack Of Freaking Talent.’ – “That guys seems a little ‘lofty’ to me.”

Magellan Route – When a defender takes a terrible route to catch a pop-up. Named after the Portuguese explorer who circumnavigated the globe.

Making It To The Show – A first-time baseball player appearance in the MLB.

Mathematician – A pitcher who never throws two pitches the same way or with the same speed. Constantly adding and subtracting mph making each baseball player appearance at the plate difficult.

Mr. Clean – When a player doesn’t slide.

Nice Peepers – Having a good eye while batting.

No-Doubter – A name for a home run that you could tell will go over the fence immediately after coming off the bat.

Oklahoma – When a batter is extremely late on a fastball and needs to swing ‘Sooner.’

Olympic Rings – When a batter strikes out five times in a game.

On The Black – The black edge of home plate. A pitch that just nicks the edge of the zone for a called strike.

Postman – A hitter who consistently delivers in clutch moments.

Pocket Monster – When a back pocket is hanging out of the pants adding a small ghost-like creature to the baseball player appearance.

Puking – When a pitcher continuously throws high. Originates from the phrase, “Get him a bucket, he’s throwing up!”

Punchout – The motion an umpire makes when there’s a strikeout - another term attributed to Dennis Eckersley.

Rabbit – A player who is easily distracted by trash talk.

Room Service – A ball that’s hit right to a fielder, so he hardly has to move to get it. Also a pitch that’s easy to hit.

Rung Him Up – An umpire calling a batter out.

Slayed The Dragon – When your team beats the opposing team’s ace.

Staff Infection – A member of the pitching staff who is a total let down.

Steaks On The Grill – When runners are in scoring position. The steaks burn if you leave them on base for too long.

Table Setter – A player placed high in the batting order for his tendency to hit for average and steal bases is said to ‘set the table’ for the power hitters behind him in the lineup.

Vladding – Hitting a ball that is thrown out of the strike zone. Made famous by Vladimir Guerrero.

Yard Work – A player who is hitting the ball exceptionally well. – “Hank is doing some major yard work.”

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