Interview with Engineer & Abstract Artist Jeremy Ramos

Engineer and Abstract Artist Jeremy Ramos was kind enough to sit down with and answer some questions. We hope you enjoy hearing from this Florida based artist.


Did you become interested in math or art first?

Art was always around me growing up. My father was always in the middle of some production either artistic or commercial. So, art just came naturally due to my environment. Not so for mathematics.

I was terrible at math as a kid. It just didn’t make any sense to me. Then one day in my junior year of high school our algebra teacher fell ill, and our principal stepped in for 2 weeks. Midel was an old crusty civil engineer from Cuba, and he just had a knack for teaching math. In those two weeks with Midel my entire outlook on mathematics changed and decided to pursue an engineering career.

Growing up who were your favorite artists? Did they change over time?
I’ve always loved abstract art and surrealism. If I had to pick some favorites, I would list Pollock, Rothko and Dali. Today there is just too much amazing art to pick from. It is truly overwhelming the amount of work out there. It’s so easy to find on Instagram or Google.

When did you start thinking art was your passion?

For many people we hold ourselves back from our passion. Sometimes we don’t think our work is good enough, or we let others dissuade us. When I stopped listening to other people and started listening to my inner voice, that’s when it all came together.

What inspired you to do algorithmic art

Somewhere along the way I picked up a copy of “The Geometry of Art and Life” by Matila Ghyka. Suddenly, it all came together art, math, science, engineering became a single thread. As I started exploring concepts for new pieces I realized that by limiting my designs to some basic rules I could apply those rules algorithmically. The results speak for themselves. The symmetry and rhythm in my art emerge from those rules. It’s a pretty cool process to watch, almost as interesting as the end result.

How does your profession as an engineer impact your artwork?

They are one and the same. I’ve merged them and don’t see them as separate lanes. My engineering designs and my artwork come from the same core and I use the same basic design principles for both.

Do you model your art out on a computer before making the physical version

Yes, the computer is an essential step for most of my work. I do have pieces that are more spontaneous and skip the computer step.

How do your views on philosophy shape your artwork?  

I believe the universe structured, connects us all and is generally a friendly place. I believe the universe offers us access to infinite resources and yet most of us live within a very limited vision for ourselves. We all need someone or something to nudge us into realization. We each have to make a conscious choice to tap into the infinite power of the universe and it will reward us with results beyond our imagination. My art is just a manifestation of this way of thinking.

Tell us something about yourself, such as a talent or interest you have that most people dont know.

I really enjoy cycling and the outdoors. Just for fun I once spent three days alone in the wilderness of southern Utah with just backpack and poncho.

Whats the best advice you ever received?

We all have to make a choice to be consumers or producers. There is not necessarily a wrong choice. Just make sure you are making a conscious choice when you do. I choose to be a producer.

Whats your favorite piece of advice to give?

Spend time every day listening to the voice within you. If you are truly honest with yourself, you can’t go wrong.  

What do you attribute your success to?

Many people associate success with collecting trophies, big cars, big house, big back accounts. To me success is a process of continuous growth. It’s about being committed to growing from every opportunity that comes to me. I do what I do, not because of what I will receive in the end, but for who I will become in the process.



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