Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pay the booking fee before the professional approves my request? 
This is to make sure that professionals are receiving only legitimate offers from clients. 
If the professional does not accept my request will I receive a full refund?
Yes. Payment will be refunded. 
Are prices negotiable? 
Prices are firm. The reason is to alleviate back and forth negotiation. 
I'm not a sports player, but I am still known. May I sign up?
Yes! We welcome authors, motivational speakers, former politicians, etc to sign up.
I don’t need a 30-45 minute speech for my event. May I pay half of the speech booking fee for a 15 minute speech? 
No. The prices shown are the minimum required booking cost. 
If I book a signing will the professional bring items to autograph? 
No. You must provide items for the signing. 
May I book a professional to appear at my charity event for free? 
At this time we do not offer that feature. Check back in the future.
I see FameBooking is only in certain cities. Are you planning on adding new locations?
FameBooking will be adding new cities and new professionals every month so be sure to check back.
What is FameBooking's customer cancellation policy?
If the customer cancels the booking it is based on this timeline (no Service Fees will be refunded): 0 Hours- 72 Hours Before Event: 0% Refund to Customer 72 Hours-Two Weeks Before Event: 50% Refund to Customer Two Weeks+ Before Event: 75% Refund to Customer For more information in regards to cancellations please check out FameBooking's Terms of Service.
Do you allow customers to make payment in cash or over the phone?
All payments must be made through FameBooking’s online payment checkout.